Help Support The Development Of StarForge

- You will get access to all the future content for StarForge free, forever, until release. After we release the final game we plan on updating it for free as long as we keep selling copies.
- Whe plan to have tons of customization options for the player, plus tons of Skins, Blueprints, and cool Sandbox Items and packs.
- StarForge will be indevelopment over the next 1-2 years and we plan to support it many years after. So you have only seen the surface of the game.
- We are a small independant company of three. By purchasing StarForge you will help us make StarForge one of the best games ever! It will also allow us to stay independant which we believe is the only way to innovate without barriers. :)

Notes On The Store

- *Not all features shown in our videos are included in our current alpha version. Many features are still a work in progress and will be releasing in upcoming updates.
- *Just the two leaf 3D tilesets are released as current Founders Club perks. The other promised perks will be released during the first half of 2013.
- *Anyone who buys the Founders Club will receive for both copies the perks in the Founders Club.
- *Steam keys will be given to anyone who purchases StarForge when we release on Steam.
- *We are currently targeting sometime in 2014 for full version release.
- *After you bought the game, click on the "Link With Steam" tab on the top of the page to get your Steam Key.

In Order To Play

- A Steam account, and the Steam client needs to be downloaded and installed in order to download and play the game.
- Windows operation system. Mac support is coming in early 2014. Linux planned for late 2014.
- 3GB Ram minimum.
- A graphics card. Integrated graphics may also work on low settings.
- 500MB free hard drive space.
- An internet connection is required for logging in to the game.
- We currently do not yet know the exact minimum and reccomended full system requirements. They will be published when the game is further along.

I remember reading StarForge was F2P?

- On October 10th, 2012, StarForge went from Free2Play to being sold as a full game. You just have to buy it once and you get all the updates free until release(free updates do not include exclusive Founders Club Perks).
- StarForge is sold as full game. It used to be Free2Play but we decided that model did not work best for us as we are a very small development team of three. We did not want our game to be pay2win in anyway, so we weren't willing to compromise by selling critical in-game elements.